Sustainability at 3Keel

3Keel exists to help private, public, and non-profit, organisations around the world develop sustainable and resilient practices. The very nature of our work is based on the principles of creating positive or restorative systems that minimise any impacts consequential to achieving them. We take our own environmental and social impacts seriously and are committed to going ‘beyond the minimum’ in all aspects of our work. We view our impacts – both positive and negative – as a reflection of our core principles:

  • Leadership – Setting an example that others desire to follow.
  • Quality – Supporting each other and our clients with work we are proud of.
  • Innovation – Working together to develop fit for purpose solutions to the challenges we face.
  • Responsibility – Living our ideals in practice through the manner in which we behave as individuals and the work we deliver.

To learn more about our sustainability commitments and progress download our latest sustainability report, covering financial year 2015/16.