About us

About 3Keel

3Keel is an Oxford-based firm of sustainability advisors specialised in working with food systems, supply chains and landscapes.

The company was formed in 2013 by Tom Curtis, Simon Miller and Richard Sheane. The name 3Keel comes from the keel of a boat – giving it stability in rough seas – and this is how we see our work helping to give organisations resilience in changing times. It may also be revealing of one of the partners’ love of nautical pursuits!

In 2014 3Keel changed from a limited company to become a partnership with the arrival of Steve Jennings and Will Schreiber, boosting our expertise in international development and corporate sustainability. Our complementary skills and experience allow for the cross-fertilisation of ideas across the company, making us truly integrated thinkers who enjoy advising on complex issues.

Our mission

It’s an extremely interesting time to be working in sustainability.

A number of new trends are challenging the ‘business as usual’ model: resource constraints and climate change are affecting the supply of key raw materials; power is shifting within value chains and between regions; and companies are working in an era of increasing transparency, information and stakeholder expectations.

These challenges call for new ways of operating and – we believe – a shift from traditional approaches to sustainability and CSR to a broader understanding of how to create more resilient supply chains: new business models and products; different supplier-customer relationships; more holistic decision making; better communication and more collaboration.

3Keel was founded to help organisations navigate these uncertain waters and capitalise on the new opportunities that they will present.