Case studies

Below is a snapshot of some of the range of projects that we have been working on over past years. While it is necessarily a partial snapshot because for commercial reasons many of our projects are confidential, we hope it gives a flavour of our interests and skills. In this section you can also find out more about our clients and download copies of public-facing reports.

Hampshire Avon landscape network

Identifying opportunites for landscape-scale collaboration in the south of England.

Business models that drive more equitable outcomes

The range of business arrangements that can drive more equitable outcomes.

The effectiveness of sustainability standards

How effective are standards at driving adoption of sustainability practices

Palm oil review for European Commission

A study of the environmental, social and economic aspects of palm oil

Analysis of global farming system dataset

Analysis of data from 3,600 farms to support Syngenta's Good Growth Plan

Recovering value from electrical products

Business models for promoting a more circular economy in electricals

Risky Business: 3Keel commodity risk research

WWF-UK and RSPB commissioned 3Keel to quantify the footprint of UK imports

Sustainable Food Systems Framework

The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) is the leading qualifying body

Corporate responsibility in the leisure sector

The Hollywood Bowl Group – the UK’s largest 10 pin bowling...