3Keel charity vote 2018

Even though we believe sustainable business models are essential for delivering widespread environmental and social benefits, so much good can also come from charitable donations. Every year since we founded 3Keel we have contributed money and time to charities close to our hearts – such as Farmability, near our Oxford office.

As part of our ‘business with purpose’ strategy, we donated 2% of our net profits from FY2017/18 to charities. This year we invited clients and project partners to decide where the money was spent. The top 3 organisations – described below – all received an equal share of the total pot. Thank you to everyone who took part in the vote. 

Buglife (nominated by Jackie)
Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates – a group of animals that play a critical role in our ecosystems. The ecosystem service provided to the EU by pollinators is currently valued at €22 billion per year, according to the charity. The fact that today, thousands of invertebrates are heading towards extinction would not only be a sorrowing loss to the world’s biodiversity, but it could see the collapse of the world’s ecosystems and therefore all life on earth. That may sound extreme but considering an estimated 84% of EU crop species and 78% of wildflower species rely on insect pollination, it is something that cannot be swept under the carpet for another day.

As a result, Jackie decided to donate her share of the 3Keel donation to their B-Lines project. This is an imaginative solution to the problem of the loss of flowers and pollinators. The B-Lines are a series of ‘insect pathways’ running through our countryside and towns. Buglife are working to restore and create a series of wildflower-rich habitat stepping stones, like a railway, that will weave across the British landscape, connecting and growing tiny fragments of remaining habitat to enable species to move through the landscape. Having a joined-up approach will help conserve our native pollinators and other wildlife that contribute to our biodiversity and underpin our very existence.

Jackie’s reason for nominating this charity: “Bugs simply don’t get the attention they deserve and Buglife are doing all they can to support our invertebrates to thrive, particularly pollinators who are essential to our food systems.”

The Children’s Allotment (nominated by Catherine)
The Children’s Allotment is a voluntary group of parents and local residents who have been meeting for a year with the aim of converting a disused plant nursery site into an inclusive, accessible outdoor education space for the local community.Once open in approximately a year’s time, the Children’s Allotment will be an affordable full-time childcare co-op (OFSTED registered) for early-years foundation stage children, with a focus on forest school practice. It will also provide, among other things, drop-in outdoor play sessions, after-school or holiday clubs for primary school aged children, workshops for children and families on food growing and cooking, and facilities for families like clothes/book/toy swaps; local produce shop; and sling/real nappy libraries.

3Keel’s donation will be used towards funding the continued site clearance activities, particularly necessary tree management works by professional tree surgeons to reduce trees that have overgrown a fence and are preventing access to the site.

Catherine’s reason for nominating this organisation: “Giving our children the opportunity to interact with nature on a daily basis and teaching them experientially where food comes from helps to instil life-long understanding and respect for our natural environment, which is increasingly important!

Tiyeni Africa (nominated by Will)
Tiyeni Africa is a small charity organisation that has been working to eradicate poverty and hunger in Northern Malawi through water and soil conservation. In particular, it engages farmers in rural communities to prevent soil erosion and enhance soil fertility through a unique method they developed.

With only eleven staff, all Malawi citizens, virtually all of our donation is going directly to the organisation’s programme of work. Although it is a relatively small organisation, they punch well above their weight when it comes to impact… just like 3Keel.

Will’s reason for nominating this charity: “Soil fertility is not being given the attention it deserves despite it playing such a crucial role in our food system. This small organisation is making a big impact on the front lines of soil loss”

Photo courtesy of Buglife

3Keel was founded to help organisations navigate these uncertain waters and capitalise on the new opportunities that they will present.