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    Every landscape contains a unique set of natural and cultural assets that impacts on the private sector’s ability to operate. Businesses increasingly need to understand and influence the management of these assets, in collaboration with others, so that they can secure the supply of critical raw materials, attract staff and protect capital investments.

Landscape Innovation


Russell Ashfield

Principal Consultant

Businesses and investors across sectors are recognising that the condition of natural systems is material to their long-term ability to thrive. This is both about businesses’ impact on the environment, and the impact of degraded environments on business. We work with consortia of businesses, NGOs, land managers and statutory agencies to understand, manage and help reverse these impacts. We’re currently operating in three areas of work:

LENs (Landscape Enterprise Networks)

Developed by 3Keel, LENs is a well-established approach to developing integrated, place-based marketplaces for ecosystem functions.  LENs creates local trading networks where buyers with a common interest in nature-based solutions are linked up and matched with groups of land managers who can deliver measurable outcomes. LENs has well-established programmes across the UK, transacting several million pounds sterling per year, and has major programmes in development in Italy and Hungary. More information and technical details can be found on the LENs website.

Strategic analysis and advice

3Keel provides strategic analysis and guidance for major land-owning businesses, endowments and NGOs. This work covers strategy development for high profile landscapes in the UK – for example with RSPB and United Utilities for Haweswater or with the National Trust for the Lake District, High Peak Moors, Yorkshire Dales and South Downs. We also carry out more technical strategic analyses of mixed land and property portfolios to understand and advise on their future vulnerabilities and capabilities, especially in the context of climate and nature emergencies.

GIS-enabled analyses and tools

We work with partners to carry out analyses and develop tools in a number of strategic areas of landscape management. This has included spatial analyses of land-based opportunities to contribute to organisations’ Net Zero ambitions. It has also included a programme of GIS-based analyses and tools developed with the National Trust to respond to climate change derived risks for habitats and cultural heritage assets.

How LENs works
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