Will Schreiber


Will leads the Sustainable Commodities practice area as well as overseeing 3Keel’s operational, financial, and sustainability management strategies. He is a pragmatic thinker skilled in making sense of complex issues to deliver practical evidence-based advice on a range of sustainability matters. His interests lie in supply chain resilience, in both food and non-food sectors, building stronger relationships and resource security strategies to lead to better business performance. In 2017 he developed 3Keel Data Services to support deforestation and sustainable commodity mapping within supply chains.

Most of Will’s career has been spent finding solutions to environmental constraints, whether physical or legislative, and developing and implementing stretching supplier programmes to bring them to fruition. He has worked for clients of all sizes and has advised some of the world’s most influential organisations, including the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Tesco. His experience ranges from working with technical product lifecycle analysis to writing board level briefing notes on sustainability topics and solutions.  He is the Representative of the Retail Soy Group and convenes the Palm Oil Transparency Coalition.

Will most enjoys working on transformational projects that lead to his clients viewing their impacts and embracing opportunities in new ways. He has been central to a variety of world class programmes and projects to make environmental issues throughout the supply chain easier to understand and act upon.