3Keel announced as Secretariat to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC)

30th January 2023

3Keel has been announced as Secretariat to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) from 1st January 2023. The role, previously held by ClientEarth, acts to support the strategic direction of the SSC and facilitate group activities to boost sustainability across the sector.

The SSC is a partnership of businesses united in a vision for sustainable seafood, working to ensure the future of our oceans. It currently has 46 members including retailers, processors, producers, and stakeholder organisations such as the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the UK Seafood Industry Alliance. 

As the SSC Secretariat, 3Keel will:

  • Support the SSC’s strategic direction to ensure its impact as a dynamic, influential coalition in improving sustainability across the seafood sector 
  • Manage its Codes of Conduct, provide implementation guidance and hold members accountable 
  • Organise, facilitate and lead group activities in collaboration with member companies to ensure efficient operation and real-world impact
  • Represent the SSC with external stakeholders including the media, advocating on behalf of members and maintaining transparency 

Eve Nelson, Senior Consultant at 3Keel who will lead the Secretariat, said, “The marine sector is often overlooked in sustainability, despite ocean health being vitally important for ecosystem services such as food provisioning and carbon sequestration. The Secretariat position is a welcome addition to 3Keel’s marine portfolio and we are excited to be working with SSC members to drive sustainability in the sector.”

3Keel already works directly or indirectly with more than 40% of the SSC’s members and has a history of managing alliances. In addition to the Retail Soy Group, 3Keel convenes the Soy Transparency Coalition, Palm Oil Transparency Coalition and Retailer Cocoa Collaboration. 

You can read more about the SSC’s mission here

“3Keel is delighted to take on the Secretariat for the Sustainable Seafood Coalition. The SSC is an effective forum to bring the sector together, seeking to jointly improve sourcing and labelling practices in global seafood supply chains. Because we host other similar collaborations, such as the Retail Soy Group, we know that collective efforts are essential to drive change and we will use that experience to support the SSC.”

Simon Miller, 3Keel’s Managing Partner