3Keel expands leadership team with two new roles as part of organisation’s strategic plan

4 December 2023

3Keel has grown steadily since its creation 10 years ago and with each stage of growth, our structure has evolved. Now, with 80 staff, the leadership team has created three new business units to direct and organise project delivery, each with a thematic focus: Commodity Supply Chains; Climate, Nature and Resources; and Agriculture and Landscapes. 

This is a significant change for 3Keel, as it brings related areas of the business closer together and introduces three new roles into its senior management team. One of these roles, the Head of Commodity Supply Chains, is fulfilled by Anna Kitulagoda, who joined 3Keel in late 2022 and moved into this role earlier this year when the first of our new business units was created. We are now looking for two new and experienced leaders, who may be drawn from 3Keel’s existing teams or recruited externally, Head of Climate, Nature and Resources, and Head of Agriculture and Landscapes.

Simon Miller, Managing Director, says: “We have a great track record of attracting outstanding colleagues who share our passion for making a positive impact on food systems, supply chains and landscapes. These are truly exciting opportunities as the new Heads will help shape our direction as a business and help to forge the 3Keel community for all of our colleagues.” 

This evolution in structure won’t affect client work, as existing teams remain. Each business unit comprises two or three teams and about 20 staff.

Climate, Nature and Resources

The Climate, Nature and Resources business unit’s mission is to catalyse the transition of the private sector to more resilient and sustainable business models. The focus is in working with sectors that are highly dependent on land and natural resources, such as retail, food service and manufacturing, consumer goods, packaging and apparel. Core services include corporate sustainability strategy, metrics and risk, target-setting, transition plan support, technical research, capacity building, and programme management. 

In addition to private sector clients, we work with influential NGOs, policymakers, and we have a strong track record in sector-wide initiatives – for example in the development of the BRC UK retail sector climate action plan and research for the Institute of Positive Fashion supporting the fashion industry transition to circular systems.

Agriculture and Landscapes

Agriculture and Landscapes works with farmers, landowners, corporations, NGOs, and Government departments to help them understand and influence the management of natural resources for the benefit of businesses, people and the environment.  

We focus on supporting sustainable sourcing strategy development and implementation; nature-based solutions at farm and landscape level; and navigating the policy, climate, nature, and regulatory spheres, to deliver measurable and verifiable results on the ground.

The work ranges from facilitation and integration support to drive organisational change to market scoping and development in green finance. We also develop, pilot, and implement on the ground solutions within supply chains, to help shape and target landscape transformation. 

Read more about our major activities across landscapes and agriculture and about Landscape Enterprise Networks, which is part of the business unit.

Commodity Supply Chains

Commodity Supply Chains focuses on key forest-risk and other commodity supply chains. We carry out a wide range of projects to help clients understand the sustainability risks associated with global sourcing of commodities, develop strategies to improve sustainability, and track and communicate their progress. We also facilitate several coalitions – for soy, palm oil, cocoa and seafood – which aim to drive wider progress across the sector.

Read more about Commodity Supply Chains’ success stories and areas of major impact.

Applications are open

Applications for the two new roles close on 7 January and 3Keel is using a variety of routes to attract the best candidate including actively looking to its network to help it attract potential external candidates. 

“If you know someone who has the right experience, is looking for a change and who is passionate about the work we do, then please do share these opportunities with them,” urges Simon.