Alison Rickett

Senior Consultant

Alison is a Senior Consultant at 3Keel, working with the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) team. She comes with significant experience of land management, sustainable and regenerative farming systems, related business structures and has a wide range of connections across the UK land sector. Alison specialises in group facilitation, training, complex project coordination and finding innovative solutions and working collaboratively.

From a farming background, she also understands the practical and cultural dynamics of rural landscapes and enterprises and has worked extensively with farmers and associated industry groups – which is highly relevant to the development of successful programmes for nature-based solutions.

Prior to working at 3Keel, Alison has taken a leadership role in developing a number of important land-based initiatives, including the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre, including the linked Land Partnerships programme and Land Matching Service, and more recently as England Sustainable Farming Lead for the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Alison has also run her own consultancy business, has specialised in bringing in new entrants to the industry and has worked extensively for the National Trust in particularly around the evolving role of farms in managing land for environmental sustainability and on DEFRA related projects.

Outside of work Alison enjoys walking her dog in her home area of the Peak District and gardening.