Establishing Food Loss & Waste prevention best practices

3Keel developed best practice guidelines...

Assessing nature's climate change vulnerability

Working with the National Trust to investigate the impacts of climate change...

Guidance on consumer-facing sustainability labels

Collaborating with the UN FAO to provide retailers with guidance on labels.

Moving to deforestation free animal feed

3Keel worked with leading responsible retailers to engage...

Helping Co-op to deliver their Future of Food plan

Helping Co-op develop and launch their new food sustainability ambitions

Scorecard of European palm oil first importers

Surveying European importers of palm oil on environmental and social performance

Packaging analysis and advice on target-setting

Primary packaging analysis and strategic advice on corporate target-setting

Creating a landscape network in Hampshire

Identifying opportunites for landscape-scale collaboration in the south of England.

Business models that drive more equitable outcomes

The range of business arrangements that can drive more equitable outcomes.