Chris Rose

Data and Systems Adviser

Chris is a Data and Systems Adviser to LENs, focussing on developing systems, processes and governance structures centrally that enable the implementation and scale-up of projects in existing and new LENs regions. Additionally, Chris is pursuing the expansion of the LENs model into urban/peri-urban contexts.

An experienced consultant specialising in climate change and sustainable development, Chris works with public and private sector stakeholders to deliver impact in complex systems and contexts. Over his career this has included an in-house position within the sustainability team of a large UK Local Authority, and in the international development context, where he has established and managed projects addressing the mainstreaming of climate change into social safety net programmes, water resource governance, access to renewable energy, natural disaster risk reduction, marine plastic litter and terrestrial waste management, and climate change mitigation and adaptation policy implementation.

Chris’ interest in sustainability was initially sparked whilst studying degree modules on renewable energy technologies and greenhouse gas emissions.

Chris has a Masters Degree (MEng) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham.