• Climate change

    Climate change has far reaching implications for the way business, NGOs and governments operate. The 3Keel team have a combined 40+ years experience of helping organisations of all sizes and sectors understand and address their climate change impacts and risks.

Climate change

Our carbon management practice helps clients meet the rapidly changing needs of customers, investors and other key stakeholders in three service areas. Our rapid footprinting service is great for understanding the ‘hotspots’ of your business and value chains – while our corporate carbon services, such as science-based target setting and carbon reductions planning, provide what’s needed to build and implement a credible climate strategy. Given the agricultural and forestry backgrounds of the team we offer specialist carbon footprinting and management advice on the climate change impacts of land use and deforestation in consumer good supply chains. The practice is led by 3Keel partners Richard Sheane and Will Schreiber.

Rapid footprinting

The starting point for any credible climate change strategy is a broad understanding of an organisation’s global warming impact. At the end of our streamlined process you will understand your organisation’s total carbon footprint, including those that occur upstream and downstream of your operations. This service builds on the 3Keel team’s 40+ years of experience in data, methods and tools. At the end of the process you’ll understand your carbon ‘hotspots’ and what’s needed to start developing a credible climate strategy.

Corporate carbon services

3Keel provides support on all aspects of carbon accounting, reporting and low carbon project scoping and implementation. From creating detailed value chain footprints and carbon reduction scenarios, through to setting science-based targets, collecting greenhouse gas data, and supporting internal/external communications. We also support colleague and supplier engagement activities – through training, events and publications.

Land use emissions

Addressing greenhouse gas emissions from primary industries, such as agriculture and forestry, will be critical if we are to meet global climate commitments. 3Keel specialises in providing advice to businesses, NGOs and government agencies on this complex area. 3Keel is a member of the Cool Farm Alliance.

Practice Lead
Richard Sheane


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