Ellie Gorringe


Ellie works as an Apprentice in the Sustainable Commodities Practice Area conducting research and analysis to help clients better understand complex ethical and environmental issues within their supply chain. She is currently working on projects relating to palm oil and timber.

Prior to joining 3Keel, Ellie completed her A-Levels in Maths, Biology and Psychology. In her last year at school, Ellie led an initiative to swap all single use plastics for biodegradable alternatives and implement a more successful recycling system, which sparked her interest in actionable ways to make a difference.

While studying Biology, Ellie developed a keen interest in natural processes, and whilst travelling in a self converted camper van and backpacking the Greek islands, further explored her interests in natural ecosystems, the environmental impact of different foods and sustainable living. When Ellie is not in the office she can be found surfing, rock climbing and experimenting with plant-based baking and cooking.

Ellie is excited to get involved in work at 3Keel and learn how we can make a difference on both an individual and a corporate level.