Emily Crowe


Emily works as a consultant within the Climate Change practice area conducting data analysis and modelling. She is currently focused on assisting UK grocery retailers in their carbon accounting and bringing understanding to their carbon emissions.

Since graduating from studying BA Geography at the University of Leeds in 2019, she has devoted her time to making a positive contribution to the environment through work and voluntary placements. This has typically been through the use of her GIS knowledge which has been cultivated in a variety of ways such as, helping charities understand spatial elements of their work through strategic mapping. Emily has also spent time conducting spatial data analysis to improve the operational performance of the emergency services both domestically and internationally. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Emily worked alongside a local eatery to design a fresh produce delivery scheme for vulnerable and isolating households in the local community. This was executed through the optimisation of delivery routes based on the road network and demand hotspots to maximise the efficiency of the service.

Emily spends most of her spare time outside and particularly enjoys horse riding and hiking. She is also a keen scuba diver obtaining qualifications such as, Coral Reef Research Diver and Drysuit Diver, and hopes to continue exploring the underwater world.