Fin Kenneth


Fin brings analytical research skills and diverse experience working across FMCG, biotechnology and marine conservation to the table at 3Keel. He holds a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath and an MSc in Sustainable Food and Natural Resources from the Centre for Alternative Technology, for which he researched the potential of using problematic seaweed for improving soil fertility. During his studies, Fin co-conceived Kelpi, a startup that’s developing home compostable packaging from algae.

Fin has travelled extensively; his adventures include an overland train journey from Singapore to London, crossings of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by sail, and a spell bringing damaged reefs back to life in French Polynesia. These experiences have heightened Fin’s awareness of global sustainability challenges, particularly those associated with food systems and marine ecosystems, and have made him determined to drive transformative change through his work.

In his spare time, Fin can be found in the kitchen, roaming the hills of Snowdonia or engaging with local environmental groups such as the North Wales Wildlife Trust.