Food security & its impact on biodiversity


3Keel was selected from open tender to undertake research into how WWF should frame the topic of ‘food security’ in the context of its wider organisational objectives. As part of the project we ran a workshop for senior WWF staff across a number of the organisation’s functions – and consulted across the WWF network on how responses to food insecurity are of significance to the organisation.

Our analysis demonstrated the explicit links between food insecurity and threats to biodiversity in WWF’s Priority Places. The research also identified 12 common framings of food security used in everyday discourse. These were to be used to help WWF understand how it could position itself within this highly topical and contencious policy area. The project was delivered in collaboration with Di:ga Communications.

Photo credit: Kate Holt/AusAID [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Project lead

Richard Sheane

The food security workshop and report from 3Keel were delivered to agreed schedules and the quality was excellent – especially given the scope and innovative nature of the work area.

Richard Perkins – WWF-UK