Understanding FLAG – Forest, Land and Agriculture GHG accounting, reporting, and target-setting

The Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) sector is a key source of emissions and removals – but its complexity presents challenges when undertaking greenhouse gas accounting, reporting and target setting.

The FLAG guidance from the Science Based Targets Initiative and the draft Land Sector and Removals Guidance from the GHG Protocol contain new requirements and calculation guidance on how organisations in agricultural supply chains should measure, report and set emissions reductions targets.

But what are the implications of this for businesses tracking and reporting their GHG emissions? 3Keel hosted webinars to explain the key takeaways from the new guidance, led by members across our Climate Change, Sustainable Commodities and Resilient Agriculture practice areas: Richard Sheane, Will Schreiber, Sian Allen and Megan MacGillivray.

A big thank you to the 400 attendees who joined us across the three webinars! Didn’t get a chance to join us live? You can watch the event on-demand above.

Alternatively, if you would prefer an in-house session on the content, for more time to discuss specifics for your business, please contact