3Keel works with satellite technology on new tool to stop commodity deforestation

1st February 2021

3Keel is pleased to share that it is working on a highly innovative new project called ForestMind, led by UK satellite company Catapult, based nearby in Didcot.

ForestMind is a service being built to provide actionable insights for users of forest commodities by combining tools such as artificial intelligence, remote satellite sensing and isotopic analysis. It aims to give companies, such as food retailers, the information needed to eliminate products that have caused deforestation from the supply chain.

3Keel’s main role in ForestMind is to provide expertise in commodity supply chains, engage potential end users on the tool design so that it fits their needs, and to establish ForestMind as an independent entity.

3Keel is one of ten other consortium members, including Global Canopy, Agrimetrics and University of Sussex. Other members bring expertise on topics such as artificial intelligence, remote sensing, economics, traceability, policy and enforcement.

The project is fully funded by the European Space Agency and UK Space Agency. It is built on similar design principles to OceanMind, a successfully established tool used for monitoring compliance by seafood buyers and fishery authorities.

3Keel looks forward to sharing further news about this exciting project as its design and service offering matures.

“ForestMind is a coalition of ambitious stakeholders who want to make a difference. Developing the tools that could be used at a global scale to protect and restore these forests is key.”

Judith Batchelar, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, and Public Affairs at Sainsbury’s