George Hayes


George works across both the Climate Change and Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) teams, specialising in policy analysis, understanding risk and distilling complex data across a range of clients, settings and scales.

At 3Keel George has been involved in numerous projects, spanning the development of emissions strategies and calculating footprints based on client’s financial portfolios, to leading workshops that facilitate LENs trades and visualising data using GIS.

George holds an MPhil in Environmental Policy and BA in Geography both from the University of Cambridge. During his time at Cambridge, he was editor of the University’s largest student-run magazine and organised the Cambridge University Energy Network Conference, among other commitments. He has published work in the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and was a lead author for the COP26 Universities Network’s policy brief, The UK Post-2050: Looking Beyond the Net Zero Horizon to Inform Decarbonisation, which was presented in Glasgow.

With experience in both analytical and policy arenas, he hopes to enable and implement effective solutions to accelerate genuine climate action.