Good luck Mark!

After three and a half successful years leading our work on circular economy and eco-design, Mark is emigrating to Brisbane to be with his children and grandchildren. In Australia he will start a new job at the federal government as a special advisor on food waste and food security (what a perfect role for him!).

Mark joined 3Keel in Spring 2016, having spent the previous 12 years at WRAP, spearheading their work on product sustainability and the Courtauld Commitment voluntary agreements. Mark brought with him a wealth of experience and connections that really helped 3Keel thrive and grow in our early years.

It has been an absolute pleasure having Mark on the team: his good humour, positive attitude and unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation will be missed by colleagues, collaborators and clients. Good luck with the move and we wish you every success in the exciting new role!

[Photo, right, is of Mark on his final client trip with 3Keel partner Richard to see Co-op in Manchester!]