Ifeoma Edeh

Senior Analyst

Ifeoma Edeh is a Senior Analyst in the Agriculture and Landscapes – LENs team at 3Keel. She specializes in data management, carbon accounting, and developing innovative protocols for monitoring and verifying sustainability outcomes in LENs.

Before joining 3Keel, Ifeoma worked as a Senior Soil Researcher, where she was involved in projects focused on carbon removal techniques and soil health. Ifeoma first got interested in sustainability and climate science due to her deep-seated passion for the natural world, nurtured during her childhood in Nigeria. Her academic journey reinforced this interest, leading her to pursue advanced studies in soil science. She holds a Ph.D. in Geosciences from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc in Soil Physics and Conservation from the University of Nigeria, and a Bachelor of Agriculture in Soil Science, also from the University of Nigeria.

With extensive experience in environmental research and a commitment to sustainable practices, Ifeoma is excited to bring her expertise to 3Keel, contributing to innovative projects that drive real-world impact in transforming agriculture and landscapes.