Isabel Ross

From labradors to landscapes, read about a year in the life of Isabel Ross…

The Basics

Name Isabel Ross

Job title Senior Consultant

Practice area Landscape Innovation

Lives Wiltshire, UK

Qualifications BSc Organic Farming

How long have you worked for 3Keel now?

1 year

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the organisation since you joined?

I have noticed the increase in ambition and scale of our clients to achieve their sustainability goals, such as net zero. Working in the landscape team means that the projects we deliver are often focused on agriculture – I love that there is such a momentum in the corporates to reduce the GHG emissions coming from their farming footprint and that this translates into better land management.

Has your role changed? If so, how? If you are still doing the same role, what has changed most for you since you joined, in terms of the clients you’re working with, the team you’re in, the work you are doing?

My role is getting more and more exciting particularly in Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs), which are attracting so much interest as the LENs model is proven. Because I am pretty passionate about landscapes, particularly the impact of corporate-driven farming on nature, the increasing interest to use LENs to transform agriculture is wonderful. It has the potential to shift the system from a focus on yields to other outputs such as biodiversity and soil health. I suppose what’s changed over the past year is the scale of ambition and impact that my role can have. I am delighted to work on more strategic delivery to get change at scale to happen!

Tell me about one of the projects you’re currently working on?

At the request of one of our clients, we have scoped a project to set up LENs in Romania, where knowledge on regenerative agriculture is very low, yet the supply of products from agriculture is very important. I have always wanted to go to Romania, to see their wilderness (one of the few remaining wilderness areas in Europe) and I am very excited to learn more about the country and farming context.

What do you like most about working for 3Keel?

I enjoy being part of a business that has a tangible, positive impact on addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. 3Keel is very innovative, which imbues a positive approach and energy to our projects. It’s a real ‘can do’ atmosphere here!

Who or what inspired you to work in sustainability?

My career in organic farming was inspired by growing up in Kew, London, and spending a lot of my childhood in Kew Gardens, feeling at home in the natural environment and loving the freedom that it gives. That translated to farming when I learnt about the impact of pesticides on flora and fauna and how better farming practices could and should be used. I hot-footed it to agricultural college, went farming, and didn’t look back!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I live on a farm, so if there is a break in usual farm tasks (like checking/moving sheep or shifting hay), I like to take our labradors out into the countryside and appreciate the unique landscape of the Cotswolds and the wild plants we have here. I have sown wildflower meadows on our farm, so I love to see what is around me in local habitats.