Isabel Ross

Senior Consultant

Isabel is a Senior Consultant working with the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) programme. She is an experienced organic farming professional with a rich background in practical farming, on-farm auditing, standards development, and raw material procurement for FMCG. She has a broad understanding of global farming systems from her extensive travels to support farmers increase their climate resilience, and build their compliance to organic and fair trade standards.

Prior to working at 3Keel Isabel specialised in farmer engagement, helping bring the farmer voice to meaningfully communicate brand impact though supply chain initiatives. Travelling extensively to farms and sourcing regions in India and Europe she helped build connections between raw material source and finished product, helping all stakeholders align on technical and quality parameters.

Isabel’s experience in organic regulation and standards development has enabled her to navigate the challenges that clients face between high consumer expectations and the practicality of implementing change in supply chains. Her pragmatic approach helps clients achieve impact in clear, workable actions on practical timelines. She has helped organisations develop strategies and policies that support their goals.

Outside of work, Isabel lives on a smallholding where she keeps rare breed sheep. She is passionate about farming and landscapes and is a Secretary of State appointed member of the Cotswolds National Landscape Board where she also inputs on the climate change working group.