Isabella Younger


Isabella is a member of the Sustainable Commodities Team at 3Keel. Her work involves increasing the transparency of global supply chains to reduce the impacts of commodities on ecosystems, communities, and carbon emissions.

Prior to joining 3Keel, Isabella attained an MSc degree in Global Sustainability Solutions from the University of Exeter. Her research interests included global systems thinking, global food systems, and the relationship between income inequality and exposure to air pollution. Her dissertation was based on an internship at the investment manager Federated Hermes, where she developed a series of investor expectations for sustainable soy based on interviews with stakeholders across the soy supply chain. Isabella holds a BSc degree in Politics and International Relations, also from the University of Exeter.

In her spare time, Isabella enjoys playing the piano, painting, wildlife watching, and trips into London to meet friends. She volunteers for her local sustainability group and is currently raising money for a charity expedition to Machu Picchu in aid of Hope for Children.