Julian Engel

Senior Analyst

Julian is a Senior Analyst at 3Keel within the sustainable commodities group. His scientific background in ecology and keen interest in mathematical modelling have paved his way to become an expert in analysing complex data sets. Julian enjoys working on holistic approaches and as such has worked on a wide array within supply chains, including human and worker rights, environmental impact assessments and monitoring, control and surveillance.

Before joining 3Keel, Julian spent nearly 5 years at Oceanmind. Here, he utilised large data sets and artificial intelligence to monitor fisheries supply chains, supporting governments in their efforts to enhance fisheries management. His innovative mindset towards analytical challenges led to the integration of traditional data sets, trade data, and catch effort statistics to provide a comprehensive understanding of activities in areas lacking monitoring or regulatory oversight.

Prior to Oceanmind, Julian conducted research projects in Honduras and the Philippines. He served as a consultant and deckhand for the NGO Sea Shepherd and contributed to innovative technologies in supply chains and intersections of biodiversity at the German Development Cooperation (GIZ).

In addition to his interest in terrestrial commodities and planetary boundaries, Julian’s passion for the marine environment led him to co-found the NGO Stop Finning e.V. and co-initiate the EU Citizens’ Initiative Stop Finning EU. He consults on fisheries science and policy within these initiatives.