Retail packaging audit and advice on target-setting

Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland

Having worked with Lidl UK earlier in 2018 to provide base-line metrics and advise on appropriate evidence- based targets, 3Keel were engaged by Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland to help them identify the required actions and a clear pathway to enable them to drive towards their goal of 100% of own-brand packaging being widely recyclable, reusable, refillable or renewable by 2025.

By conducting an initial portfolio audit of their primary packaging, 3Keel quantified the baseline metrics such as overall and plastic specific footprints, recyclability and renewability, which could be used as the foundation for action. The in-depth understanding of current formats, materials and end-of-life options gained through the audit, enabled the optimum focus areas for action to be established and immediate actions to be identified.

Working with the Lidl team, 3Keel aided communication of the findings and future requirements to the wider team and assisted with early engagement of suppliers to ensure the required actions could be built into the ongoing procurement cycles.

Combining the audit findings with knowledge of material preference and recyclability, a set of sustainable packaging guidance documents, tailored to the local context were provided. At both the general and category specific levels, these incorporated recommended materials and formats, together with clear guidance on those to avoid, and will be used to drive the required changes going forward.




Project lead

Alex Hetherington

We were delighted with the exceptional level of support given by 3Keel, guiding us clearly from the start and helping us create an evidence-based pathway for achieving our sustainable packaging goals. They clarified and simplified complex issues, such as the role of plastics, giving us and our suppliers confidence in the journey we are going on together.

Deirdre Ryan, Head of Communications and CSR, Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland