Marcus Horril


Marcus is a consultant in the Climate Change practice area, currently working on footprinting and the development of sector net zero roadmaps. Marcus has recently been involved in using visual query builders to improve carbon footprint projects.

Prior to joining 3Keel, Marcus worked for the Environmental Change Institute at The University of Oxford, where he conducted research into the potential of beans to transform food system outcomes. His research identified how beans could be used to improve the environmental impact of the UK agrifood system whilst also positively contributing to sustainable diets, food system resilience and rural economies. Whilst at Oxford, Marcus also worked for TABLE Debates where he managed the fortnightly newsletter ‘Fodder’ and has previous experience in data science, as well as event co-ordination for an arts festival.

Marcus has an MSc in Environmental Governance from the University of Manchester, specialising in issues related to conservation and the agrifood system.

Outside of work, Marcus enjoys growing food, cooking, climbing, reading and going to gigs.