Archie Littlewood

Bass playing Surfer? Nope, it’s not a band member from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but our latest recruit…

The Basics

Name Archie Littlewood

Job title Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Apprentice

Practice area Sustainable Commodities

Lives Oxfordshire

Qualifications BSc Economics and Accounting (University of Bristol)

Welcome to 3Keel! How have your first days been so far?

Now into my second week, I am starting to find my feet, thanks to a very welcoming team. I started by navigating various systems (although, some of which are set to change very soon) and I’ve also delved into upcoming projects, focusing particularly on those related to palm oil.

What have you started working on?

Since joining the sustainable commodities team, I have started to work on Palm Oil Data Services. First, in order to expand my knowledge, I created a presentation on Palm Oil Supply Chains and the various actors involved. I will soon be digging deeper into the Palm Oil Data Service project, working with clients and their suppliers to gather and present information on the intricacies of their supply chains.

What are you looking forward to most about working for 3Keel?

I am looking forward to working on a diverse range of projects alongside a varied group of people with different skill sets, aiming to tackle some of the most pressing challenges our planet faces today. My goal is to contribute to real and systematic change in the way we approach and address environmental issues.

Who or what inspired you to work in sustainability?

During a university lecture on environmental economics, I was unsettled by the oversimplified modelling of the relationship between CO2 levels and economic growth, resulting in oversimplified policy recommendations for complex issues such as climate change. A paper by Steve Keen, ‘The Appallingly Bad Neoclassical Economics of Climate Change‘, resonated with me, prompting a shift in my perspective. Motivated to move beyond the limitations of these economic models, I am committed to gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between economic systems and the environment.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

In my free time I will be playing bass guitar or playing football. I also enjoy going bouldering or on surf trips when I can!