Caitlin McCormack

Fixing a bike is one of the many passions our Senior Consultant Caitlin likes doing in her spare time… Oh, and going to Roller Derbies!

The Basics

Name Caitlin McCormack

Job title Senior Consultant

Practice area Resilient Agriculture

Lives Oxford

Qualifications BSc Environmental Science (University of Southampton), MSc Rural Development (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

How long have you worked for 3Keel now?

It’s been four years as of the start of October.

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the organisation since you joined?

We’ve grown hugely in numbers; when I joined I was one of a new group that brought our total to 15, and now we’re closer to 80! It’s exciting to have so many new faces, interests, expertise and perspectives join the team, and I think we’ve managed to maintain the 3Keel ethos.

Has your role changed? If so, how? If you are still doing the same role, what has changed most for you since you joined, in terms of the clients you’re working with, the team you’re in, the work you are doing?

I started out working in our Sustainable Commodities practice area, doing a lot of desk-based research, interviews, policy analysis and report writing related to deforestation risk commodities. This was mainly for NGOs, in contrast to the majority of 3Keel’s clients.

A couple of years ago, I started a new role as a Senior Consultant, focusing mainly in the resilient agriculture work area. One of my main projects has been developing a regenerative sourcing scheme for a plant-based drink brand – we’ve gone from developing the scheme to trialling it with a group of farmers in the field, which has been very exciting. Working with a corporate client has been a great chance to flex some different skills.

What do you like most about working for 3Keel?

3Keel seems to attract great people, which makes it a fantastic, fun and supportive place to work.

Who or what inspired you to work in sustainability?

I’ve been excited about nature and being outdoors since I was little, going for weekend walks with my folks in the Peak District. I’m a big fan of the environment and find figuring out how to make human activities more sustainable is a really interesting challenge. I’ve been in the fortunate position to be able to follow my interests in terms of studying and jobs and getting into sustainability has been quite a natural progression. The work I do at 3Keel fits right where my skills, experience and interests meet, which is nice.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I love bike touring, camping, hiking, pubs, playing roller derby, and volunteering as a mechanic in a bicycle cooperative on my non-working Fridays.