Ella Robbins

Returning for the second time (she’s that good!) is Supply Chain Analyst Ella Robbins. She is currently working with Will on Sustainable commodities

The Basics

Name: Ella Robbins

Job title: Supply Chain Analyst

Lives: Brackley, Northamptonshire

Qualifications: Geography Bsc

Nice to meet you Ella!


What made you want to work in sustainability?

I think having an interest in the health of both people and the environment gives you a wider appreciation for the importance of a sustainable future, but for me, this was largely nurtured during my studies in Geography. I then chose to research Spanish organic avocados for my dissertation, and thereafter I became fascinated by sustainable food systems.

Why did 3Keel appeal?

The ethos of 3Keel is very unique and special, from the nature of the work through to people on the team. As I’m at the start of my career, it is invaluable experience to have the opportunity to understand how work can be developed to effectively influence positive change with a range of different clients and their varying needs.

How’s it going so far?

It’s good! There is so much knowledge and expertise within the team, so it is great to be working in a (virtual) environment where there are plenty of opportunities to soak up information from. The project I’m on is fast paced, which is great.

We’re all ‘Working From Home’ at the moment – how are you finding this?

I guess the main highlight is the lack of commuting, which I have been replacing with walking or swimming to separate the working day from the rest of the day. I’m missing catching up with everyone in the office at lunch – but I am in good contact with 3Keelers in the working day virtually.

How do you stay engaged and connected with your colleagues when WFH?

Working within a close-knit team on a project means that I am in contact with my colleagues throughout the day. We have team meetings at the start and the end of the day, which helps to structure our work in between. It is helpful knowing that there are plenty of opportunities to check in and see a friendly face, be that work or non-work related!

What do you do when you’re not working?

I enjoy anything outdoors – hiking, sailing or surfing, which is a bit difficult in the winter. Dog walks, reading and cooking occupy my time when it is colder!

Thanks Ella, we’re really excited to be working with you

It’s great being back!