Megan MacGillivray


Megan works within the Resilient Agriculture and Sustainable Commodities teams, working on projects related to sustainable palm oil supply chains and developing verification systems to monitor the implementation of regenerative agriculture.

Megan holds an MBiol in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford, where she gained an interest in sustainable and climate-resilient natural landscapes. For her dissertation, she conducted a systematic review on the impact of nature-based solutions in mountain ecosystems on climate change adaptation, and the co-benefits these interventions can provide for biodiversity, local communities and climate change mitigation.

During her time at Oxford, Megan worked as a researcher, co-authoring a paper examining the biodiversity impacts of nature-based solutions, and as part of a student consultant team for non-profits. She has also worked at the Stockholm Environment Institute managing their climate change adaptation online platform, enabling practitioners to spread knowledge and important lessons learnt.