• Resilient agriculture

    Agriculture is facing uncertainty from many directions, including big changes in policy, climate, and regulatory spheres. The 3Keel team have the right combination of muddy boots on-farm experience and value chain engagement to help businesses at all points of the supply chain to understand and identify the best opportunities for resilient production.

Resilient agriculture

Our resilient agriculture practice area helps clients – from farmers and producer organisations, to food manufacturers, to retailers – to navigate the increasingly uncertain waters of sustainable food production and supply. The practice area is led by Catherine McCosker, a former farmer with years of practical experience in primary production.

Farm business innovation

We are facing unheralded change in the policy, regulatory, and supply chain environments in which UK producers are operating. 3Keel provides support in helping farmers, farmer groups, producer and industry organisations, and NGOs to understand and identify opportunities for sustainable farm business innovation, including sustainable and regenerative production systems, alternative and niche markets, branding and certification, and collaboration for market access. In conjunction with the Landscape Innovation practice area, 3Keel also helps land managers and those that work with them to understand how to work together to provide natural capital propositions to businesses that have operational needs in the landscape.

Climate adaptation

Location matters. Production locations around the world are facing future uncertainty in meeting supply needs. 3Keel helps clients to understand what’s going to happen where, and what they can do about it. With specialist geospatial skills, technical abilities around climate, and a deep understanding of production systems and the food supply chain, the resilient agriculture team assists manufacturing and retail clients in areas such as:

  • Integrating climate risk data with client supply chain maps [link to commodities?]
  • Developing simple, risk-based indicators around climate vulnerability and exposure
  • Climate models affecting production viability, identifying patterns of flood risk, water scarcity, and pest and disease risk

For those on the ground, 3Keel advises and supports clients in conducting on-farm carbon and water footprinting [link to Climate practice area], understanding the role of soil health in climate adaptation and carbon sequestration, and identifying business and production climate risk and analysing opportunities for mitigation.


In order to meet the needs of a growing population under the limits of a changing climate, future agricultural production will need to deliver more than food. 3Keel works with clients to understand how production systems can take advantage of circular economies, support ecosystem services and landscape asset regeneration, and contribute to GHG mitigation and carbon capture [link to climate change] to develop a resilient supply.

3Keel has particular expertise in food waste in primary production; we advise and provide support to farmers and producer organisations in measuring food waste, identifying production efficiencies, and communicating their work to their consumers and customers, and to retailers and food manufacturers to achieve reductions in their supply chain through farmer engagement.

Practice Lead
Catherine McCosker


+44 (0)7477 442 681

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