Riccardo de Pantz

Junior Consultant

Riccardo is a member of the Sustainable Commodities team here at 3Keel.

Prior to joining 3Keel, he spent 6 months working as a business intern for a London-based startup committed to sustainable packaging. During this experience, he supported his team with his research skills by looking into environmental impact data for seafood and meat as well as waste figures from a variety of web sources.

Riccardo holds an MSc in Environment and Development from Cardiff University, where he came across a wide range of sustainability issues and worked on policy recommendation projects on air pollution, waste management and deforestation. Before that, he studied Applied and Environmental Geology at the University of Leicester, which introduced him to climate change and environmental pollution and made him appreciate the human impact on natural resources.

Riccardo is a sustainability enthusiast, always looking for new opportunities to learn about it and to use his skills to help solve pressing problems in a practical way. In his free time you might find him reading, cooking, watching the tv or even hiking and walking long distances in the wonderful British countryside.