Róisín Mac Dermott Casement


Róisín is a member of the Sustainable Commodities team at 3Keel. Her work involves helping clients to understand the environmental and social impact of their commodity supply chains and evaluating traceability and deforestation risks related to key forest commodities. She is particularly interested in projects that work at the intersection of the private and public sector to drive systemic change in food supply chains and land use.

Róisín comes to 3Keel with a diverse professional background- most recently she spent two years working with the expert network, Gerson Lehrman Group. There she conducted market and supply chain research for clients in private equity firms across a diverse range of industries from agriculture to finance. From this she gained a broad understanding of global supply chains and the complexity of addressing sustainability and traceability challenges.

Prior to joining 3Keel, Róisín completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London, where she gained a deeper understanding of key environmental issues and developed a practical skill set to addressing these problems through qualitative and quantitative research methods. Her research focused on addressing resource use and biodiversity challenges, as well as the role of Extended Producer Responsibility legislation in driving upstream innovation.

In her spare time, Róisín is a keen swimmer and can be found seeking out the best swim spots across London, cooking up creative veg-based meals and practising yoga and pilates.