Steve Jennings


Steve is a respected and influential analytical and strategic thinker, a leader, a trainer and communicator across a range of disciplines. He has catalysed significant change in environmental and social impact across non-governmental, commercial, and academic sectors – from the development of leading certification standards through to driving innovation at one of the world’s largest development NGOs. Steve strengthens 3Keel’s ability to work internationally and brings considerable experience in development, certification, impact evaluation and tropical forestry.

Steve has particular expertise in food systems, climate change adaptation, sustainable natural resource management and conservation, and how changing business practices can bring economic, social and environmental benefits.

Steve’s recent work with 3Keel has included writing the paper for a high-level policy forum on City Region Food Systems for the International Sustainability Unit, supporting Oxfam to develop a strategic approach to resilience in Asia, conducting a Social Return on Investment evaluation of a landscape-scale climate change adaptation project in Pakistan, and conducting a strategic assessment of Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnerships.

As a researcher, Steve has published widely on sustainable forest management, and conservation.

Steve came to 3Keel having spent four years as Head of Programme Strategy and Impact at Oxfam GB. There he led a department of 70 staff, which was responsible for driving innovation, good practice and strategic alignment across the organisation, and for communicating advances of thought and practice within the international development sector. The department held Oxfam’s organisational technical advisory expertise (thematic and monitoring and evaluation), its publishing functions, and (for most of the period) its research capacity. Previous to that he managed a team responsible for providing technical advice to Oxfam’s programmes in 50 countries on climate change adaptation, resilience and disaster risk reduction.

Previous to Oxfam Steve worked in consulting and led the development of a mechanism for ensuring that the world’s most important forests (‘High Conservation Value Forest’) are appropriately managed. Today this mechanism is being applied to achieve social and conservation benefits in over 20 countries, and in four business sectors. He also facilitated the development of multi-stakeholder sustainability standards in the palm oil (RSPO) and soy sectors (RTRS). An independent assessment of sustainability standards found these to be two of only three standards that met the highest social, economic and environmental requirements.

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