• Sustainable commodities

    Soft commodities such as palm oil, cocoa, soy and timber have become key inputs to the global economy, but their production is often associated with serious environmental and ethical issues. We help organisations develop, implement and communicate their sustainable sourcing commitments.

Sustainable commodities

The cheap availability of ‘wonder ingredients’ like soy, palm oil, and pulp has enabled product innovation and the expansion of livestock systems, but the production of these commodities is too often associated with deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and, in some cases, with forced and child labour.

The process of understanding, tracking, and managing the risk of commodity sourcing is complex and time-consuming, with opaque supply chains and a proliferation of certification standards purporting to ensure sustainable supply.

3Keel believes that the negative impacts of commodity production are not inevitable, and that positive steps can be taken to improve wellbeing in the communities where they occur. We work with food sector companies, NGOs and government to research, collaborate, manage data, benchmark standards, and develop and implement practical and cost-effective strategies for sustainable sourcing.

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