Tom Curtis


Tom is 3Keel’s Innovations Partner, and while he is a creative and independent thinker, his work is grounded in a significant practical land management experience and well-honed intellectual rigour.  Tom’s interest is in ‘commercial-ecological systems’, from the soil and sun to the point of consumption, and how to match up their biological and business realities.

Much of Tom’s work has been on the science / practice interface.  He has worked for over a decade with Oxford University and the Woodland Trust, translating ecological theory into ancient woodland management and restoration practice guidance.   His work on mixed estate management has led him into advocacy and consultancy work on the business structures and supply chains that underlie the pattern of our landscape, steer its production systems, and will determine its long-term ability to deliver.

Tom has an affinity for enterprise, and has experience of bringing his analytical and sharply pragmatic thinking to bear on organisational strategy and change management, both at board level and as an external consultant.   Tom has been at the heart of a number of successful private and social enterprise start-ups.   And his work on ‘Land Partnerships’ reflects a belief that entrepreneurship rather than bureaucracy holds the best promise for future of the land and the businesses that depend on it.

Mobile: +44 (0)7771 697879
LinkedIn: Tom Curtis