Understanding Deforestation Due Diligence Legislation

The European Union has recently agreed the final points of a law to help fight global deforestation associated with the production of forest-risk commodities, including cocoa, beef, leather, palm oil, paper/pulp and soy. A critical component of this legislation will introduce a new requirement for businesses to conduct strict due diligence to ensure that the materials they handle, or sell within products, are not associated with deforestation.

These requirements will require a revolution in supply chain traceability and transparency to enable companies to satisfy even the most basic elements of the regulation regarding risk assessments.

Our webinar examined the key components of this new regulation, the implications for supply chain actors, and hosted a lively Q&A. The webinar was hosted by Will Schreiber and Anna Kitulagoda, two senior members of our Sustainable Commodities practice area, with extensive experience in deforestation-free supply chains.

Thank you to those who attended the webinar; if you didn’t get a chance to join us live you can watch the event on-demand above.

If you would prefer an in-house session on the content, for more time to discuss specifics for your business, please contact will.schreiber@3keel.com.