Zikri Jaafar

Senior Consultant

Zikri joined 3Keel LLP in 2019, bringing with him diverse experience in academic and policy research, management consulting, and sustainable and social finance as well as an interdisciplinary academic background in finance, development economics and environmental management. His passion lies at the intersection of these disciplines, where elegant financial and economic models and innovative business management frameworks are applied to help organisations adopt sustainable practices and contribute to sustainable development.

Throughout his career, Zikri has advised a wide range of organisations on sustainability-related issues, from private companies such as Tesco, Walgreen Boots Alliance and Sainsbury’s, to non-profits such as Greenpeace, WWF and the Woodland Trust, to public sector organisations such as the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia. When advising his clients, he seeks to apply ecosystem approaches and systems thinking in tackling social and environmental challenges.

Zikri has received several awards in recognition of his academic achievements. He was a recipient of Bank Negara Malaysia’s Kijang Emas Scholarship in 2012 and the Rhodes Trust’s Rhodes Scholarship in 2018. He was also elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 2018, the oldest academic honour society in the United States.