Moving towards clean palm suppliers

19th June 2019

For the past two years 3Keel have been working with the Palm Oil Transparency Coalition to help them see through the rhetoric and identify palm oil companies that are helping them deliver zero deforestation and exploitation supply chains.

We’re proud to work closely with this group of leading companies to take action to bring about this change and welcome their publication of our 2018 assessment report.

The key findings of the report are:

  • New exploitation policies and assessment methods are being developed and launched.
  • There are increasing disclosure of grievances in supply chains by importers, but many of these indicate the majority of grievances are being raised by international NGO investigations.
  • Assessment of supplier conformance with importer and trader commitments is limited.
  • Different approaches are adopted in ensuring compliance with zero deforestation commitments between internal and third-party suppliers.
  • Acquisition and corporate ownership structures make single company assessments a challenge in determining improvement actions.
  • Many producers/traders expect to miss their 2020 zero deforestation and exploitation targets.

Read the full report and find out how you can join the coalition by contacting us today.

See media coverage of the report in Bloomberg.

There are many success stories amongst the companies assessed, but we’re still at the point that unless there is segregated certified palm oil being used, none of the importers or traders are able to guarantee that deforestation is not occurring in their supply chain.