At 3Keel our work is rooted in our understanding and experience of the land. From ecological habitats to food security, the functions our landscapes provide don’t stop at field boundaries, so our perspective takes the landscape as a whole - a network of interconnected natural resources and processes.

We are specialists in multifunctional land use - identifying and achieving a balance of economic, environmental and social benefits through sound management. The landscapes we work with range from public forests and arable fields to high moors and smallholder farms. 

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We work with companies to help them create greener, more resilient supply chains, spanning all the way from field, forest or ocean, to end consumer. As the world changes, companies that depend on natural resources must respond to new risks and opportunities with agility.

We are a trusted advisor for teams across a number of major retailers and manufacturers, helping navigate complex issues around strategy, legislation, profitability and social responsibility. We have a reputation for straight talking, practical solutions and commercial acumen.

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Our systems approach sees food as more than fuel. Through production, processing, transport and consumption, food impacts on multiple other areas of life including economic development, nutrition and wellbeing, politics, justice and culture. Good decisions come from seeing the whole picture. 

By taking a joined-up view 3Keel helps policymakers and strategists understand the multiple dimensions of food systems choices. Our expertise has guided climate change adaptation plans for smallholders in Laos and informed new approaches to integrated city region governance and planning.

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WWF-UK landscape approaches

15th February, 2017

On October 18th, 3Keel facilitated a Landscapes Approaches workshop in London for more than 40 representatives from business, NGOs, the public sector and academia. The workshop was convened by WWF-UK and Marks & Spencer and provided a space for participants to explore the theoretical and practical implications of creating landscape-scale solutions to sustainable land use challenges.

Bargaining Chips

26th January, 2017

Getting the right deals for food in post-Brexit trade negotiations is prominent in the mind of many UK food businesses. It’s of huge strategic importance but when you look at the numbers, food may not be a top priority for most of our trading partners.  We certainly can’t assume that food will drive trade deals.  And at worst, it could become a disposable bargaining chip.

The impact of plant pathogens on food security

24th January, 2017

Pathogens are estimated to cause around 12.5% of global crop losses, threatening many commercially and socially valuable crops, such as coffee, cassava, oranges, olives, wheat and rice. 3Keel researcher Sam Royston explores how vulnerable our food systems are to pathogens and how we can increase system resilience. 

Securing the future of the UK's favourite fruit

20th January, 2017

3Keel has kicked off a multi-disciplinary Global Food Security research project with the universities of Exeter and Oxford to investigate the future of the UK's favourite fruit: the banana.

WWF-UK food security report published

14th October, 2016

Ensuring citizens are sufficiently fed has been a key concern of governments since ancient times. However, due to a series of food shocks over the past 50 years international efforts to eradicate hunger have ignited global interest in the concept of ‘food security’. Partner Richard Sheane explores how food security is framed and where biodiversity fits in.

Sam joins 3Keel for internship

11th October, 2016

3Keel is very pleased to welcome its newest team member. Sam Royston will be interning with 3Keel over the next three months. She graduated this year from Oxford University with a BA in Biological Sciences and hopes to pursue a career in food security and sustainability. 

Working with 3Keel has been easy from start to finish. Professional, friendly and they turned the work around quickly to meet our tight deadlines.

Charlotte Jackson, Marks & Spencer Foods Plan A Team

Quantifying lettuce & strawberry farm waste


3Keel and partners at the University of Warwick are undertaking an 18 month research project to quantify the economic cost to English agriculture of crop losses in potato, lettuce and strawberry sectors.

The impact of agricultural certification


For two years running 3Keel has supported LEAF's global impacts reporting with analysis and recommendations for new approaches to monitoring and evaluation. 

Wood-fired heat feasibility study

Low Carbon Hub

3Keel worked with Oxfordshire's Low Carbon Hub to carry out a feasibility study for the development of a woodheat-based energy services company that 'twins' wood-fired heat installations with local, productively managed woods.

The social benefit of climate adaptation


3Keel was commissioned to quantify the Social Return on Investment of a coastal embankment built in the Badin district of Pakistan to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on the local community.

Promoting sustainable retail investments

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

3Keel developed a sustainable retail toolkit to benchmark EBRD investments and identify priority actions to enhance their resilience.

NERC water risk workshop


NERC commissioned 3Keel to plan and run a one-day workshop, bringing together researchers and the private sector to improve understanding of global freshwater systems, and support the mitigation of water risks to global supply chains and local communities.