Katie Jones


Katie is involved in a diverse range of projects across the Climate Change, Sustainable Commodities and Bespoke Research practice areas. At 3Keel, her work has included: the development of key material sustainable sourcing roadmaps; carbon footprinting for a food sector client; and research into the alternative protein market.

Katie holds a First-Class MBiol Degree in Biology from the University of Oxford. For her Master’s research project, she investigated the impact of climate change-related weather patterns, including heatwaves and droughts, on the provisioning of ecosystem services within grassland agricultural systems. She is passionate about biodiversity conservation and utilising data to support environmentally minded decision-making. During her time at Oxford, she actively engaged in environmental issues, including a tenureship as Vice President of Oxford University Nature Conservation Society and via sustainability auditing for Oxford colleges.

Prior to joining 3Keel, she gained experience working within ecological consultancy, specialising in landscape-scale natural capital accounting and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments. She has also previously utilised spatial mapping and data analysis to support Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre and associated conservation NGOs with natural landscape management.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys practicing yoga or being outdoors paddleboarding or kayaking.