Becky Turner


Becky is a consultant working in the Landscape Enterprise Networks team, as well as supporting projects within the sustainable commodities practice area. She has an academic background in biodiversity and conservation and professional experience in the sustainability sector.

Becky completed her BSc at the University of Edinburgh in Biological Sciences. She specialised in Zoology, as she’s interested in conservation, biodiversity, and understanding species’ response to environmental change.

After graduating, she worked in communications and project management, delivering environmental behaviour change programmes for clients across various sectors, including local councils, universities and corporates. Becky learnt how to engage people and business stakeholders in environmental issues, using gamification and reward incentives to motivate positive action at the individual and group level.

She has also completed an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford to develop her social and political understanding of environmental management. Her thesis focused on how behaviour-change theory within social science can help to address issues surrounding human-wildlife conflict, as she believes both nature and people need to be at the forefront of sustainable development.

Becky is passionate about animal welfare, so volunteers at an international animal welfare charity. So far, this has involved researching and analysing fur trade data to inform the charity’s advocacy work. She also enjoys practicing yoga and spending time outside on long walks, as well as being creative – like painting the wildlife she loves.