Garrett Stoll


Garrett has contributed to diverse 3Keel projects since 2017, working across multiple practice areas. Garrett is a member of the Agriculture & Land Business Unit, where he focuses on natural capital measurement, land-based carbon accounting methods and the implementation of resilient agricultural practices at scale. For our Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) programme, he is working on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification system to track farm outcomes and provide evidence of ecosystem improvements.

Garrett brings diverse experience in data management and policy analysis to help clients create a more sustainable food system. He concentrates particularly on opportunities to work within and alongside collaboratives that accelerate impact beyond a single supply chain.

Garrett received a Bachelor’s in Geology from the University of Colorado, after which he worked as a research assistant for author Jim Collins and taught English in South Korea. After being introduced to the sustainability sector through working for 3Keel, he returned to the University of Colorado to complete a Master’s in Sustainability Planning and Management. Garrett grew up in a small rural community in Western Colorado, where he learned at a young age to recognise the importance and the splendour of nature.