Mariia Kvartsiana

Enterprise Support

Mariia has joined 3Keel as Enterprise Support, working with the head of Enterprise, supporting all the delivery teams.

She’s been an eco-activist in Ukraine before the full-scale Russian invasion. Together with the local NGO Eco-Action, she mobilised youth to the Fridays for Future protests and raised awareness of the detrimental impact of climate change through social media.

Mariia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Cinema Acting from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She started her career acting in Ukrainian theatres but was forced to put it on hold because of the war.

Mariia is passionate about environmentalism, culture, and gender equality. Apart from English, she speaks Ukrainian and French. After moving to the UK in October, she continues supporting her country’s cause by volunteering for Ukraine Aids Operations – a charity that provides lifesaving equipment for Ukrainian defence.